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Check out ASPEN®in South Korea. The aspirational, lifestyle brand will be rolling out a complete line of apparel in Spring 2013. ALI is excited with the launch in Seoul and looks forward to expanding the brand to a whole new level in the Asian market.

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Founded in the 1940’s, Aspen, Colorado is one of the most well known ski resorts in the world. For those that have visited Aspen, or those who aspire to what Aspen is, the name conjures up thoughts of the outdoors, natural beauty, good health and an active lifestyle. Aspen is known for 12 months of beautiful scenery and outdoor adventure including; skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and much more.

If ever the time were right to utilize the ASPEN trademark, now is the time! The trend toward natural, rugged, outdoor-oriented products is gaining momentum and showing no signs of letting up. Today’s consumers have an affinity for lifestyle brands and the aspirational brand of ASPEN has worldwide recognition and appeals to men, woman and youths. Take advantage of this trend and the opportunities ASPEN can deliver for your business.
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